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Agriculture is our historical activity field with 15 years of experience in extensive beef cattle breeding, dairy production, vegetable production without any chemical inputs. We develop farms and agro-ecological models from first set up to sales.

Biospheres, our agro-ecology Partner

Produits frais en région lyonnaise
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Extensive cattle breeding

with commercialization in direct-to-consumer in Lyon area


Improvement of local cattle breds, teaching of breeders in Senegal, Russia and Mongolia


Export of improved cattle breds, teaching of breeders, development of local productions in Senegal / Russia / Mongolia

Orchards in Cameroun

production of cocoa, mango, papaya, pepper, etc


Production of coffee in agro-ecology

Our pineapple fields

Souza – Douala area

Production of organic cocoa

in Cameroun

Production of organic pineapple

in agro-ecology in Cameroun on covered soil


Tomato production

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